Strange Medicine by Mike Russell

Targeted at both teenagers and adults Strange Medicine is the new prescription for you!

A collection of short stories, Strange Medicine is exactly what it says on the cover!  Strange!

The collection includes:


Seventy-Two Bricks



Mr Dennis and the Universe

The Spy



These short stories manage to both intrigue and confuse the reader as they take you on an adventure with each narrator of all the stories.  They take you through the consistently ordinary life of Anthony Tobias Bradshaw and to the confusion and awkwardness of Mandy, Dan and the telephone’s phone call and finally ends with a story about unity and a fish.  Yes, I did say a fish.

These stories are short, quirky and extremely strange.  They take you to another mind set and make you truly consider what you are reading and what the storyline intends for you to take from the plot.  These stories are truly bizarre and take you on an original, creative ride of Russell’s imagination.  These stories all deal with different sorts of themes and emotions and I would recommend these to an assortment of different people.

But do not take my word for it.  You can get Strange Medicine now from Amazon.

For more information about the collection check


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